In Touch October 15, 2010
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Soccer Sunday Fusion

I had a couple of meetings with Pastors this week.  At those meetings the lament of Soccer Sundays was shared.  Travel soccer has replaced Sunday School as the can’t miss event of a Sunday morning and pastors talked about  how challenging it was to have vibrant children’s ministry when kids come and go depending on the soccer schedule.

I thought of another story I heard this week that makes me glad for ministry at Hopewell.  A young mother was talking about how thankful she was for the Fusion service for days when Sunday morning presents challenges for the family coming to worship.  We now have a six o’clock option for families to worship together.  Fusion is a youth driven service, but we are working to design it so many people are comfortable worshipping in that style.

I heard another woman who was thankful that her husband, who works on Sunday mornings, can now join the family together in worship.  The whole family was there at Fusion and they said it was great and worked well for them.

I understand the lament of my colleagues and it seems that as we strive to live a 167 lifestyle we must confess that so many things conflict with following Christ. But instead of lament this week, I could rejoice that we have another option of connecting with people and making sure that corporate worship is a part of the pattern of living that shapes our lives and the lives of our kids.

I will be preaching from 2 Timothy 3.  Paul celebrates the way that Timothy has been taught in the Scriptures about the way of salvation since he was a boy.  His family made sure that this was a part of his life from the beginning.  We will give our second graders Bibles this week.  Sunday is recognition that all of us need a Savior and need to be shaped by the Scriptures.  Sometimes I sense that we believe sports will be the salvation for our kids and we devote inordinate time and money to making sure they are on the right teams at whatever times they are needed.  This Sunday we are reminded that 167 is not only for adults, but also for the kids whose lives are precious to us and to our heavenly Father.

Now if I can only get the New York Jets to change the time of their Sunday games…oh that’s right, they don’t play on Sunday mornings.

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