In Touch October 22, 2010
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Leaving a Legacy

Sarah, my daughter, is in Senegal.  She is spending the first semester of her senior year at Hope College there.  It warms my heart because I spent my junior year of Hope in Sierra Leone and visited Senegal during my Christmas break.  A significant of my young life is being shared by my daughter.  That is awesome.  I hope that something of my story encouraged her to head to Africa.

This Sunday we come to the close of our series on 167 living, but it will continue to be a theme for the next three years.  Paul is passing on the faith to Timothy as a trusted son who will continue to share the faith with others.  It is a day to look at our legacy and how we are pouring our lives into others.

My ChristCare group (The Barbarians) is studying Timothy as well.  Our missional service project for this study was for each of us to identify one person that we would be willing to mentor and share our lives within this time.  We have had some conversations about how that is going, but the challenge for each of us is to not just to do that for a season, but to do it for a life.

When your life on earth is over people will not care about what kind of car you drove or how much money you made, but the lives that you have touched will last forever and that should be the measure of living and the legacy we leave.

So this week my question is:  Who are you sharing your life with?  Who are you helping to guide in the ?  I invite you to be intentional about sharing with the next generation.

Yours in Hope,