In Touch November 12, 2010
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  • A new starter and tow for the 99 Chevy S10  …$    435.75
  • A new clutch for same Chevy  …………………….$    793.72
  • New brake lines for 99 Chevy ……………………. $    295.00
  • New alternator and tow for 99 Chevy……………$    453.22
  • New used Honda to replace totaled Honda…….$  5,700.00
  • New transmission for 2000 Toyota ……………..$  1,900.00

The knowledge that my emotional well being is too tied up in money and the freedom that the Gospel gives me to let go of that ……………………..$   Priceless.

God has been teaching me something about my relationship to money these past six months.  I have spent $ 9577.68 more than I planned to spend on our family cars at the end of my fiscal year.  I bragged about the secret of contentment when I was preaching on Timothy.  If you were there for that message on money, I said the secret was to drive an old Toyota.  A few weeks later my transmission went and I was pulling my hair out.

Of course the biblical secret of contentment is that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”   I have needed to be reminded of that lesson these last few months and give thanks that these bills don’t wipe me out all together.  I believe that God had a very particular message for me in my relationship to my money and in these last few weeks I have repented over how fixated I am on cash flow.

This Sunday is Stewardship Sunday.  We do not have an elaborate pledge drive that invites you to write out your commitment.  It is a simple call to recognize what the poor widow who put two copper pennies in the temple treasury recognized, if our trust is in our wealth we will be wiped out, if our trust is in God we are on a firm foundation.  Sometimes God reminds us of that by making us best friends with our mechanic, but if it means we learn that lesson of trust now, we will have investments that return yields that are eternal.

How are you doing with your money?  Are you giving it away in ways that would make Jesus notice?  Or are you saving it up so you can give it to your mechanic.  I hope you learn the priceless lesson of trust today.

In Christ,