In Touch December 3, 2010
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Nightmare Before Christmas

“It could be curtains, or draperies, or a double boiler, or it could be something special just for me” (The Wells Fargo Wagon is A Coming)

This week I found out what a double boiler is.  I wish I never learned that we had two boilers blow in one week and, in fact, we actually heat the church with three boilers.  (The third had blown earlier this summer.) Three boilers in one year!  Now that is a surprise, but the story gets worse.  The reason three boilers blew, says our boiler man from Bottini, is because our system of circulation pumps was not set up right and the boilers don’t have the correct flow of water through them.  Net it all out and we are looking at an around $15,500 year-end surprise that we need to fix in order to keep warm.  Some of the work will be put off until next summer when we are off -line, but today Bottini is putting in one new boiler that will carry us through the winter with the other boiler that we already replaced.

In the midst of this nightmare before Christmas, we do have good news.  The first piece of good news is that we are tracking well in our giving this year.  Our budget was planned to show no increase in spending and income and expenses are tracking well.  Our deacons had planned for a 3% increase challenge that was not designated to any particular spending.  We do have a “boiler fund” that we call investment savings and we had planned to return some money to that fund with a surplus at the end of the year.  Our outlook was that we would reach the 3% challenge goal, however, that now becomes a necessity for us in order to meet the challenges of this Christmas surprise.

The second piece of good news is that we have a servant of Christ, Les Jackson, who watches over these boilers and knows what he is talking about.  Les and his son Rick were down in the basement mopping up water on Saturday so that we could have heat for our worship on Sunday.  He has worked tirelessly with Bottini these last couple of days to understand what the problems are and to help fix them.

God provides resources and people to meet challenges we face.  This turns nightmares into visions of God’s faithfulness.  So here is my challenge for this Advent season of expectation:  give so that we make sure we cover the 3% increase and beyond.  If you are giving an over and above gift to help with our Christmas Surprise you can write “The Les Jackson Boiler Fund” on your check.  It will go into the general fund and be used as part of the whole to cover our expenses, but it will serve as a reminder that God does provide even when we are surprised.  This is a not a nightmare. It is a vision of a God who supplies our needs.

Yours in Hope,