In Touch December 10, 2010
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Signs of the Kingdom

“For, in fact, the kingdom of God is among you” (Luke 17:21)

This Advent we have been focusing our eyes on the kingdom of God breaking out amongst us.  This past Sunday in Fusion I asked people to stand and share where they saw the kingdom of God breaking out in their midst.  A high school youth group leader shared how she saw it on the Senior High retreat with high school boys asking deep questions of her about faith.  Somebody else shared a story of reconciliation with her sister.  Another person talked about a group of strangers working together and helping each other out on the post office line.  One story was shared of a snowy road were everybody helped each other out so people could get unstuck safely.

This Sunday I will get my first chance to see the kingdom of God breaking out at Odyssey.  The story of what is happening at Tymor has traveled around the world and even to Albany, where a woman from the state have called my office to find out what we are doing at Tymor Park with our special needs congregation.  When I spoke to this woman I had to refer her to the front line people of the kingdom work, because as of yet, as lead pastor I had not witnessed the signs of the kingdom at an Odyssey service.  This week that will change.  Mark is preaching at Hopewell and I am heading to Odyssey to see the things that God is doing there.

I hope the message of this Advent has caused you to be awake and looking for the signs of God breaking out.  I see it in every place that people are feeding the poor, helping the blind see, the lame walk and setting prisoners free.  Last Sunday night at Fusion we showed this video, which is a great picture of the kingdom breaking out at the food court of a shopping mall.  Click here to see the video.

The kingdom of this world is become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ.  And he shall reign forever and ever.

Enjoy and keep your eyes open.

Merry Kingdom,