In Touch December 31, 2010
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Staff Changes in the New Year

Happy New Year!

 As we head into the new year I want to let the community of HRC know about some changes that are being made in our staffing structure for our future.  We are praying and trusting that these things will work together for the good of the ministry of Christ at Hopewell and for the ministry in which each of these staff members is engaged.

 Sherri Hondorp, Coordinator of Worship and Arts:  After much discussion with Sherri and church leaders, Sherri will be on a paid leave of absence until the beginning of Lent 2011.  This will be a time for her to focus on finding full time employment outside of the church.  Sherri needs full time compensation to support her household, and the church is not ready to turn her job into a full time position. Our desire is that beginning with Lent 2011 Sherri, with a full time job elsewhere, will be hired part-time on a seasonal basis for Lent/Easter and   Advent/Christmas as well as other special services as determined by Sherri’s availability.  Sherri has proven herself especially gifted in these seasons and our worship has been blessed by her creative input. 

 Randy Prentiss, Youth Pastor:  Randy has been in a three-year transition plan to solo pastor at Arlington Reformed, but things are moving faster at Arlington than we had anticipated, praise God!  Consequently we are speeding up this process of transition.  Randy will be working an additional day at Arlington this year, so his time at Hopewell will decrease.  Our 2011 budget  includes some funds for support staff in youth ministry, which will help us transition to where we hope to hire a full time youth/discipleship person to lead these areas of our ministry.  In the meantime Mark and I  have picked up responsibilities in youth worship and mission.   Randy continues to lead the areas of youth discipleship. I will join Randy in directing the confirmation process this year.

 Lourdes Kleid, Youth Worship Coordinator:  Lourdes has transitioned from her role in youth mission to a primary focus on youth worship.  Lourdes works ten hours a week on staff at HRC, and she is now the primary planner for our Fusion service.   Mark is working with a youth mission team to connect them with all mission at HRC.

 Clearly this is a short synopsis of staff changes, tied together with a greater vision of our direction for staffing at HRC, but as we move into a new year I  wanted to give you a brief overview of where we are.  We are thankful for all the gifts that these folks bring and are looking forward to  all the ways God will continue to use us in ministry for the kingdom.  Please feel free to contact me, or any of our leaders, about these decisions.

 Yours in Hope,