In Touch February 4, 2011
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Our Super Bowl Party-Everyone’s  Invited

This Sunday we will have a Super Bowl party at the church.  It will be at noon.  Actually, it is our congregational meeting, but it will be better than the Super Bowl, because it will reflect on lives changed forever through the ministry of HRC.  I hope you will be there.  We will look at the past year, celebrating the ways this ministry has been blessed.  We will look forward to the coming year and ways that we will be a blessing.  We will hear financial updates, joys from our shared ministry with Arlington Reformed, updates from Common Ground, and Steve Dambra will share what is happening at Journey and Odyssey.   Bruce Smith has, once again, prepared a slide show reflecting the year that was. Michael Reynolds will present the 2011 budget.  You will have an opportunity to share where you have seen Jesus this year in HRC’s ministry.

We will be voting on nominees for elder and deacon.  Elder Stephanie Patton and deacons Henry Mikhail and Tina Smith are all open to serving new three year terms.  Kevin Warren has completed six years on Consistory and is ineligible for another term.  The consistory nominee for the open elder spot is Colette Varanouskas.  I am very excited about this potential addition to our board of elders.  I have worked with Colette closely on the Ministry Vision Board.  She is a woman of faith who will be especially concerned about our discipleship ministry at Hopewell.  She has a son who is a part of our youth ministry and we wanted to make sure that voice was represented on consistory.  We are in a time of transition in Youth Ministry and this consistory will have an important role to play in plans for our future.  Colette has been instrumental in discipling many new Christians at Hopewell.  She will bring all of these passions to consistory.

Our events team, headed by Barbara Cassaro, will be providing a pizza party lunch.  We are hoping that you can bring a $5 per person donation to help defray costs.  The party should be done by 1:30 PM, hours before the Super Bowl pregame begins.  By the way, we do have a Fusion service this Sunday at 6 PM.  You can worship at Fusion and be in front of your T.V. before the second quarter starts.  I can give you enough pregame commentary to satisfy even the heartiest Steeler or Packer fan.  You don’t need to watch it on T.V.

I hope that you will come to our party.  If you have not responded by the Connection Cards on Sunday, you may hit reply to this e-mail and let us know that you will be there.  We will order more pizza.

Thanks,      Taylor

P.S. REGARDING PARKING: As you have probably noticed, we have a lot of snow.  Shane Gill does as great job of plowing, but our parking lot is filling up with snow.  It seems we are losing spots by the hour.  We always ask you to make room and park at Croniser, but it is crucial this winter.  Shane plows the lots and shovels the walk from Croniser, as well.  If you are able to walk, please drive past the church on Beekman, take the first right on Croniser and pull into the lot on the other side of the cemetery.  It is a way to love your neighbor and make room for more folks at worship and at our Super Bowl party.