In Touch February 11, 2011
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“We wish to see Jesus.”  (John 12:21)

We had one of the best congregational meetings I have ever been to on Sunday.  About 75 people enjoyed pizza and salad, graciously prepared by our events team.  What made the meeting exciting were the responses to the question: “Where have you seen Jesus in the ministry of HRC in this past year?” This question, followed a slide show prepared by Bruce Smith,  showed the face of Jesus in many areas of ministry at Hopewell.  You can check out that slide show on YouTube by clicking here.

Elder Matt Williams asked if we needed to say anything more after seeing the slide show, but there was plenty to be said.  For the next fifteen minutes, Matt and Pat Blanchfield passed a microphone back and forth to folks who shared their stories of seeing Jesus.  It was a great year end report: significant worship, caring ministry, deeper discipleship, prayer and blessings were all highlighted in many stores.  We heard about ministry at Common Ground, Arlington, Odyssey and Journey. We elected Colette Varanouskas to the board of Elders and approved Henry Mikhail, Tina Smith and Stephanie Patton to continuing for new three terms on Consistory.  It was a super Sunday long before Pittsburgh and Green Bay kicked off.

We did not have time to close the meeting off in the way I hoped.   I wanted to look forward to the coming year and have people engage with the vision of the church by answering a complement question to the first one: “Where would you like to see Jesus in the coming year of HRC’s ministry?” I had hoped to hear the dreams and visions that we share together for the coming year.  I would like to use this In Touch for that purpose.  How would you answer that question?  Consistory goes into our reorganizational meeting on Tuesday and if you would be willing to respond to this e-mail I will share that with our leaders on Tuesday evening.

Please make this the most exciting InTouch I have ever sent out and respond with the same gusto and vision that you did to the first question.  Instead of 75 people sharing answers lets have 650 people sharing their hopes.  Thanks for making this a most exciting place to be.

Yours in Christ,