In Touch April 1,2011
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Salt of the Earth

This Sunday evening at the Christian Service Award Dinner for the Regional Synod of New York, Hopewell will be honoring Rich and Faye Lotze.  It is always dangerous to single out any one person or couple to honor when so many people serve in so many ways around here, but without doubt I think everybody would agree that Rich and Faye represent the best of Christian service and leadership. They have been ministering here since 1970.   They are, to me, what makes Hopewell such a great place to serve: healthy leaders that are willing to serve in any way to advance the work of Christ at HRC and in the world.  When Jesus said “you are the salt of the earth,” he was talking about Rich and Faye.

Rich parks in the Croniser lot before I get there on Sunday mornings.  He makes sure that everything is in place and people are ready for their parts in the service on Sunday morning.  On Christmas Eve, he puts things together long before the first person arrives and he usually leaves after midnight, when almost everyone else has left.  He is ready to serve wherever and whenever he is asked.  The other day he was a little late in getting to worship so we pulled into Croniser together.  His hair was a bit disheveled.  He had just come from the youth retreat where he had spent the night in a cabin with Junior High and High School boys.  He has been a mentor and ChristCare group leader for these guys and Randy had asked him to lead a cabin on the retreat.  Rich is willing – from CMP to making coffee, he is the man.

Faye is the Director of our Bright Beginnings Preschool and she has been active in children’s ministry in all areas of Hopewell’s ministry.  She currently is a Kids Hope mentor at Gayhead.  She and Rich sing in the Hopewell Chorale and both of them have served on consistory.  She is a trained Stephen Minister and evidences caring throughout the ministry of Hopewell.

On Sunday, we will honor them at the Synod dinner, but everyone at Beekman Road is invited to honor them between our two morning services.  We will have a cake at coffee time to say thank you to these two who are “salt of the earth” servants for Christ in this world.