In Touch May 13, 2011
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The Perfect Weekend (Almost)

It was tulip time in Holland, Michigan.  My daughter was graduating from Hope College and the tulips’ timing was perfect this year.  A cold spring held off their blooms until the tourists from around the world had arrived.  Sarah, my graduate, was working Windmill Island, charging tourist $7.50 to get in to see an original Dutch windmill and a replica of a Dutch Village.  She was amazed that the windmill seemed to draw people from all over the world.  Apparently Tulip Time has become a popular tourist destination for Indian tourists.  Tulip Time is not just for the Dutch anymore.

Rain was predicted for graduation, but there was not a cloud in the sky as Sarah stepped into her future, and I was able to give her her diploma and a kiss in the front of the outdoor stadium from which they graduated.  It was a glorious day.  Family and friends had gathered to celebrate this commencement (beginning) and to bless her on her way.

With the commencement festivities over on Sunday, I prepared for my 25th reunion at the seminary on Monday.  A group of key friends had gotten together and agreed that we would have our own celebration, following the seminary luncheon.  The lunch with the whole class was a story of agony and ecstasy.  Life lived well and life lived with great challenges.  They were not all good stories, but it was good to remember our connections and swap stories of ministry, family, life and God.  It was good.

The dialogue that played in the background of the weekend was Eugene Peterson’s book:  The Pastor: A Memoir.  I had just ordered the book from Amazon and loaded it onto my IPod.  It formed the perfect soundtrack to a weekend of looking forward and looking backward.  It put the large picture perspective on my life, which was playing out before my eyes.  Somehow God brought so many pieces together in this weekend, as God has brought so many pieces together in my life.  I am truly thankful.

In my title I said it was “almost” a perfect weekend.  Cathy had driven a Japanese road bike out for Sarah to have in Holland.  She rode it for three days and then texted me on Wednesday that her bike had been stolen.  She was heartbroken.  It was an old bike that my cousin gave to me when he was done with his racing days, but she had quickly fallen in love with it.  So the weekend closed with a reminder that the kingdom of heaven is still to come in its fullness and no matter how perfect the weekend may be, we live in a fallen world that God is restoring.  Sarah is starting to write her own memoirs in this world.  This weekend, I thank God for the chapters already written, and look forward to the pages yet to come.

Yours in Hope,   Taylor