In Touch June 10, 2011
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“For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven:  a time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up what is planted…..He has made everything suitable for its time.” (Ecclesiastes 3)

My ChristCare group is studying the book of Ecclesiastes.  As tomorrow we come to chapter 3, I was thinking how much this reflects some of the transitions that we are going through as a church.  We are in a season of transition with three staff members. I believe God is working us towards an exciting new harvest. I ask you to pray for our consistory as we implement the vision of 167 Living and these staff members as they make transitions in their ministries.

Sherri Hondorp started as Director of Worship and the Arts in 2007.  Sherri brought great creative talent to special services and the seasons of Lent/Easter and Advent/Christmas.  We are grateful for the gifts that she has shared.  Sherri’s part time job concludes on June 30, and she is currently looking for full time employment outside of our church.

Consistory has voted to start the search process for a new Pastor for Youth and Young Adult Ministries.  We have begun talking to people who may be interested in such a position.  Youth ministry has been a place of great strength in this church for a long time, and we are moving into a new season, hoping to begin in the fall.

Randy Prentiss began at Hopewell ten years ago this coming November.  He is a man of God who is as much a kid as any 17 year old.  He has guided the program here to be one of the best programs on the East Coast for the RCA and one of the best youth ministries in the area.  A number of years ago he felt the development of his call moving in new directions, and with a partnership with Arlington Reformed Church we have seen a new area of blessing beyond what we could ask or imagine.  Arlington has seen a transformation under his leadership and Randy, HRC and Arlington are looking for ways that he can be working there full time.

Lourdes Kleid co-led the youth ministry with Randy for many years.  She was hired by Kevin Phillips and has been on staff for over ten years.  She has led the growth in our youth missions and opened all of us up to new ways of worship.  As of June 30 Lourdes’ job as Coordinator for Youth Worship will end.  Fusion will be ceasing for the summer and we are looking for new developments in the fall that will be defined by new leadership.  Lourdes has deeply blessed the life of each of the kids in my family and many of the kids of this church.  We look forward to new ways that God will use her in new seasons.

Lourdes posted on Facebook a word that we can trust for the church in every season:

“My life changed today but I know God has a perfect divine plan set up for my life – and He will now be the One to guide my every step of the way into the fulfillment of that divine plan!”

I hope we all can live with that type of trust.


In Christ,