In Touch June 24, 2010
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Through the Eyes of Lourdes

I remember the first time I met Lourdes.  It was on Long Beach Island at Harvey Cedars in 1998.  She was a youth leader at the fall retreat.  What struck me about her were her eyes.  Her eyes seemed to be wide opened to everything in the world.  They looked full of life, energy and joy. I have seen those eyes all over the world: in Honduras on HRC’s first overseas adult mission trip, in Mexico under the stars of an outdoor chapel and in the D.R. as her eyes lit up as she met friends again in Las Terrenas.   Most recently I have seen those eyes in her grandson, Max, who spent a weekend with his “mema” at Warwick on a mission trip.

Lourdes has opened the eyes of my children to a world so loved by God.  Hilary, Sarah and Andrew have all seen the world through the eyes of Lourdes as she has led them into mission and changed their lives forever.  I am forever grateful for the gifts she has given to our family.  Lourdes has opened the eyes of so many young people in this church to the needs of the world and the wonder of the world that God has made.  HRC sees in a different way because of the gift that God has given us in her eyes.  She has opened the eyes of our hearts.

On Sunday, after our Foundations worship, we will have a time to honor Lourdes for her work here and around the world.  It will be a catered luncheon and the youth ministry is putting together a program to honor Lourdes.  I hope you will be able to make it to honor this one who has opened so many eyes.

With Eyes Wide Open,