In Touch July 15, 2011
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You Never Know!

I am heading back to the States tomorrow.  My dreams are shifting from the Dominican Republic to preaching in Hopewell without the proper clothing (please don’t ask).  I know it is time to go home, but my time down here has, once again, been transforming.

The key picture I would like to give you is having Rachel Snider share with our kids.  When she was 16, she went on a mission trip to Mexico and stood for a call to be a medical missionary.  She has had many starts and turns from then until now, but as our high school students and post high kids were down here, Rachel was accepted as a missionary with Students International.  Rachel will be the highest level U.S. trained health professional that S.I. has ever had.. We were witnessing the in process and I am glad that our young folks were here to experience it.  Rachel said the kids looked shell shocked as she shared.

As I sat under the stars that night, I thought about these kids.  What effect would these two weeks have on their lives? Two nights ago we prayed for each other and their prayer was that they would not lose what they have been experiencing here when they get back home.   You never know where that may lead.

Chris Snider, Rachel’s mother, wrote a beautiful letter to me, Mark, Randy, Steve and Lourdes.  She reflected on how Rachel’s has been an amazing of faith for both of them.  At first she resented anybody talking to Rachel about missions.  She wanted to keep her daughter safe and protected.  As Chris went to the D.R. this year and witnessed some of the transition in Rachel’s life and faith,  she has changed and is celebrating what God is doing in Rachel’s life.

Two weeks in Mexico years ago changed Rachel’s life.  How will these two weeks change the lives of twenty from Hopewell?  Hey, you never know!

Yours from the Caribbean Highlands, nowhere close to the ocean.

See you Sunday,