In Touch July 22, 2011
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Falling into Summer

Tomorrow we head to North Carolina for a nephew’s wedding where Cathy’s extended family will all be together. After that I will head to Holland, Michigan, to participate in a Bast Preaching Fellowship that will include twelve preachers together at Western Seminary to reflect on the art of preaching.  I look forward to these two weeks away, but as I leave I am looking forward to the fall and want to update you on what is coming.  We had a major consistory meeting last night and we made some significant decisions that I want to share with you.

A Pastor for Youth and Young Adult Ministries:  By the time I come back I am hoping to share with you all the latest information on our search for a pastor for Youth and Young Adult Ministries.  Things are moving forward and we are confident that sometime in the fall we will see a person in this position to move our youth ministry forward.  On August 14, my first Sunday back. I will update the congregation with more information.  This position has generated a great deal of discussion and directional decisions by consistory, and it will be good to talk through some of our hopes, dreams and plans.

We are jumping into the real estate market. A house has been donated to the church and last night at consistory we voted to sell this house and use some of the money for the Pastor for Youth and Young Adult Ministries as well as seed money for other areas of ministry.  Matt Williams and Stephanie Patton are putting together a real estate team to make this happen. This is an exciting blessing from God that meets our need with God’s provision.

Joy in a Post 9/11 world: This fall our “Celebration Sunday” will be under the tent at Hopewell.  It will be followed by a picnic on our property and the introduction of our fall theme that will focus on Philippians and the nature of joy.  In much the manner of our Forty Days of Purpose from 2005 we will have a congregational focus on this special book of the New Testament.  We plan to form around forty small groups that will include upwards of four hundred people from the congregation to through this book together.  We will have large group focus on Sunday morning, small group focus during the week, and personal focus every day.  It will be a model of living into the 167 vision.

So before I hit the road I wanted to get you looking ahead to the fall.  It should be a great trip.

Yours on the Journey,