In Touch August 27, 2011
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An Incurable Optimist (Plans for Tomorrow)

Earthquakes and hurricanes–it sounds like the second coming.  We shall see, but tomorrow we are planning for church.  Last week with our painters I was accused of being an “incurable optimist,” so I believe that Irene will not be the end of the world as we know it.  However, as I proclaimed last week, we should be biblical realists–those who recognize the tribulation in the world, but look with hope at God’s ultimate plans.  So for tomorrow we will obey the civil authorities and if they tell us not to go out we will stay in.  Short of that command, each person should decide what is safe and reasonable to do.  We do not want to put anyone in danger.

We have moved the baptism of Lillian Rose Seidel ahead  to September 18. If conditions are safe, I plan to be at HRC and welcome anyone else who comes for worship.  I will be preaching on Exodus 3:1-15 and  the burning bush, or the plan for Moses’ life.  So if you stay home, pick up the scripture, sing a few hymns and give thanks to God for the wonder of nature.

On Sunday morning at 7:30 we will send out a constant contact communiqué (assuming we have power).  At the same time we will put a message on the church answering machine to let folks know if plans are to hold worship in our building.  Having said that, please do not take any unnecessary or uncomfortable risks.

Yours from the eye of the storm,