In Touch September 16, 2011
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Re: A Call from Afar

“We exist to declare God’s significance” (From Warren and Lynette Jee’s Skype Login)

Ten years ago in the tent, Randy Prentiss came to his first worship service at Hopewell.  In little more than a week, he was hired as Hopewell’s first full-time Pastor for Youth.  It was an amazing story of God’s timing and our need.  It was a big step in a short time, but we all know “the rest is history.”  Randy came and, building on the strong foundation  Kevin Phillips had laid in his eight years of youth ministry at HRC, we saw the ministry flourish and grow.

Randy just put out a note that reflects this well: I thought you might appreciate this quote, found on FACEBOOK (where else?). Just imagine Dani, away at school, making new friends and realizing this refrain in her life. I have had other kids say similar things over the years, but Dani put it well…all great stories start with ‘one time at hrc’...” –Dani Rieland

Randy is making the transition to solo pastor at Arlington Reformed.  This has been a great blessing for Arlington and Randy.  This has presented a challenge to Hopewell. In the spring of this year, as I shared with you, consistory authorized Mark and me to seek out candidates that would be appropriate for a new Pastor for Youth and Young Adult Ministries.

Mark Mast was soon in South Africa working with our mission partner there, J-Life.  He was participating in a worship service that Warren and Lynette Jee were at when Warren, a director with J-Life, asked for prayers as he and Lynette sensed God was calling them to new ministry.  Mark, as he is wont to do, made a bold statement for God and said:  “I know what God wants; he wants you to come to Hopewell and lead our youth ministry.”  Everybody laughed, but six months later it does not seem funny, it does seem amazing. On Sunday we will have a Skype interview with Warren and Lynette, with Warren as the recommended candidate for the successor to Randy.

I have met with three other candidates at Western Seminary.  We have talked to two other local candidates.  Consistory has met with Warren and Lynette and there is unanimous support to recommend them to you.  Here are some of the reasons:

  • He has over twelve years of youth ministry experience working individually, with small groups and leading camps of over one thousand kids.
  • He has helped to lead an organization in J-Life that has seen exponential growth in Africa.  He has been a part of training Youth Pastors that have gone all over the continent of Africa.
  • He incorporates a discipleship model that has been effectively used in J-Life ministries and could be a key component of growing our discipleship ministry at HRC.
  • He brings a passion for evangelism and using sports ministry in the schools in a way that will expand the ministry of HRC into the community.
  • This would be a visionary partnership with an overseas mission that we have supported for years.
  • His wife Lynette comes as one who is a worship leader and has trained worship leaders in her ministry at J-Life.

I hope you can be there on Sunday in the fellowship hall at noon.  I will have a word of introduction to the process.  Then we will be introduced to Warren and Lynette, having them share their stories and their vision.  We will conclude the Skype session with time for questions for Warren and Lynette and then we will end the interview and have a time for feedback from the congregation.

I am thankful for the ways that God led ten years ago as Randy Prentiss came to Hopewell and I am thankful for the ways that God has opened doors again for this exciting ministry opportunity.

Looking Forward in Faith,