In Touch October 28, 2011
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The Glory About to Be Revealed

 I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory about to be revealed to us. (Romans 8:18)

Those words have never meant more to me than as I read them with my mom as she struggled to take her last breath. To recognize that she was moving into that moment when she would see the glory that was about to be revealed to her was holy.  Romans 8 was the last scripture passage we shared and at 3:18 this morning she saw face to face what the rest of us see dimly through a mirror now.  She said good bye to my daughter, Sarah, on the phone and said that it was the greatest day of her life.  She was ready and she went rejoicing into the nearer presence of her God.

I am getting ready to head to Jersey to plan the details of her funeral.  We are anticipating a Sunday afternoon service at the church in which she was baptized, married, confirmed and now will be buried.  Three Bridges Reformed Church sits next to my uncle’s house and my Grandma’s house.  It was where she grew up.

I had already asked Elder John Young to be liturgist on Sunday.  He is a man of the reformation and it is Reformation Sunday.  I have now asked him to preach on Sunday.  I was preaching on the “five solas” of the Reformation.  He is a great teacher and will do a great job on Sunday.  I hope to be with you that day before we head down to Jersey.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.  Many of you are shocked because my mom was recently in church on October 9 and so many commented on how good she was doing.  However, her lungs were weak and, as she got a cold that moved into pneumonia, her lungs were quickly compromised.  She did not want to battle any longer.  She is rejoicing and we grieve, but not as those without hope.

Yours in the Resurrection,