In Touch November 18, 2011
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A Threefold Blessing: “Coming, Called, Sent”

This weekend thirty-eight kids from Hopewell, eight kids from Arlington and ten leaders from both congregations will be headed to Lake Champion.  It will be a life-changing weekend for them.  It seems a good time to update you on youth ministry at HRC.

Warren and Lynette are coming!  We are still working with our lawyers on the H1-B visa for Warren.  They are confident that we will have a visa in hand the beginning of December and it would follow that Warren and Lynette will be in the states the first week of January.  It has been longer than expected, but it will give them the opportunity to share Christmas in South Africa.  Jan and David Bushey, Shireen Gilbert and Stephanie Patton have been working on setting up an apartment in Fishkill for them. It is coming together nicely.  We have one car donated to Warren and Lynette and a second car will come their way in late spring.  If you have a car that the Jee’s could use until the late spring, please let me know.

Randy is called: The Arlington Consistory voted last night to call Randy Prentiss as their full time pastor.  This is a miracle!  This church, which was on the brink of closing two years ago, now has the faith to step forward into full time ministry with Randy.  This comes through the partnership with Hopewell.  It is happening a year earlier than Hopewell or Arlington had planned, but for the blessing of HRC’s youth ministry and the sense of call that Randy and Arlington have, both consistories have voted to move in this direction. As a part of this blessing from Hopewell, our consistory voted to give $13,000 to Arlington to support a full time call for Randy.  We agreed as a consistory that this would be raised outside of Hopewell’s budget.  I invite you to make a gift to the “Three-Fold Blessing Fund.”  This fund will bless: 1) Randy in his transition, 2) Arlington in calling Randy full time and 3) Hopewell’s youth ministry as we move into the future with the Jee’s.  We already have $3,500 given to the Three Fold Blessing Fund from five donors.  I would invite you to make a check payable to Hopewell Reformed Church with a memo that mentions the blessing fund.  I have no doubt that we will raise above and beyond the $13,000 we have committed to ARC.

Rachel is sent: The fruit of our youth ministry will be on display this weekend as Rachel Snider will share with us her call to missionary work in the Dominican Republic.  Rachel sensed God’s call on her life in Mexico in 2002 and Sunday she will speak to how that call is being lived out among the poor in the D.R.

We celebrate a threefold blessing for the Jee’s who are coming, for Randy and his calling and for Rachel whom we are sending.  Thanks be to God!


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