In Touch December 9, 2011
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In 2012…    167 x 52 = 8684

The staff was on retreat this past Wednesday at Linwood Spiritual Center.  My pastor friends asked me on Thursday why we go on “retreats” and not “advances.”  It was a day of advances as we spent time looking at goals for 2012.  We will be sharing those goals with you as we move into the New Year, but in this “In Touch” I want to share with you some planning for preaching for 2012.  I would like your feedback on these themes and others you think should be included.

Starting off the year we will be looking at the three arcs of 167 Living: worship, discipleship and mission.   The goal of 167 living is fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, not just for one hour a week, but for the rest of the 167 hours of the week.  This year’s theme will be Living Into the 167 all year, thus 167 x 52=8684.  Don’t worry you won’t have to start using a new number, 8684, but you get the vision.   We will start the year looking at 167 Worship, 167 Discipleship, 167 Mission and 167 Stewardship.

As we move into Lent we will look at the spiritual disciplines.  167 followers of Christ can all go deeper in the inner disciplines of prayer, meditation, fasting and study, the outward disciplines of simplicity, solitude, submission, service and the corporate disciplines of confession, worship, guidance and celebration.  Richard Foster’s classis book: “Celebration of Discipline” will be a text that will help guide us in this time.

After Easter we are looking at a series titled: “Really??? The Intersection of Faith and Doubt.” We are hoping to combine this with an Alpha course for those who are seekers, doubters, or just not sure about the Christian faith.

In the summer, we will be taking a look at some of the tougher texts of the Old Testament, especially in the book of Judges (some strange stories in there).

Later in the summer we hope to look at theme of “Using Scripture in Making Moral Decisions”.  This will be a time to look at some “hot button” ethical issues of the day.

For the Fall of 2012 we are considering an understanding of the twelve steps of AA from a biblical and psychological perspective.

As the preachers are in the planning stages we want to advance and not retreat so, if you have some ideas on themes or scripture that you would like to be considered, please let us know.

In Advancement,