In Touch December 16, 2011
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Epiphany Sunday 1/8/12 6pm

We are getting ready to light up the sky! Though it is not yet Christmas,  I want you to get ready for Epiphany Sunday, January 8, 2012. This will be a historic day in the life of Hopewell. We are calling this “Passing-the-Torch Sunday.” We will be celebrating with, among other things, our traditional Epiphany bonfire.

In addition, on this Sunday our youth ministry torch will be passed from Randy Prentiss to Warren Jee. All the pieces are in place to have Warren and Lynette here on that weekend, and Randy has arranged with Arlington to be present at Hopewell in the morning, as well as at a party for him in the evening.

We have been anticipating this moment for a long time, and it will be time to celebrate. In the morning Warren and Randy will share the pulpit. It will be followed by a luncheon for all who wish to attend. Then at 6 PM Randy and Warren will take the torch and light the pile of Christmas trees in the Croniser lot. We will come back inside for a party to roast and toast Randy.

We will have a dinner to celebrate Randy’s ten years of ministry at HRC at a later date, but I wanted to get the information out on this special Sunday to you earlier. Bring your tree to the bonfire and bring your continued spirit of celebration to our Epiphany service.


In Celebration of the Light,