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Merry Christmas From The Holbrooks

Christmas 2011

Hello dear friends at HRC. Below is our family Christmas letter written by Cathy. I share it with you in this season wishing you all Christmas joy. ~Taylor

Writing the date on my board at school this morning, with the sun shining and kids wearing shorts and t-shirts to school, I find it hard to believe how close we are to Christmas…or maybe I’m just getting older and the time goes faster regardless.

This has been a year of joy and sorrow for our family, as Taylor’s mom died in October after a short bout of pneumonia. We are still marveling at her “good death,” as she decided not to treat her chronic illness and got a chance to say goodbye to many people. Her last few months were filled with trips and visiting and time with friends and family that almost made it seem as though she knew her time on this earth was short. A few hours before she died she laid her hand on Andrew’s shoulder and gave him a beautiful blessing that only a grandma could give. We are grateful for that memory and for her quick passing. As she anticipated heaven, she called it the greatest day of her life.

Sarah (22) came home last night, after graduating from Hope in May and working at a summer job as an innkeeper in Saugatuck, and then on a Christmas tree farm in Fennville, MI. She loves the outdoor life and has the well-worn Carhartts to prove it. As soon as she unpacks, she will start to ponder the great calling of her life and look for a job. We are thrilled to have her home.

Andrew (18), a senior, is very much looking forward to busting out of Hopewell to go to college. He has his applications in and is waiting to hear from several schools. He continues to work at a local overstock store where his muscles come in handy for unloading merchandise off the truck. His pride and joy-a 1994 Firebird-is resting for the winter, but he’s looking forward to driving it again in the spring.

Hilary (24) moved to San Diego in September. We don’t think she’s ever coming back! She lives with her college roommate in Mission Beach, working four part-time jobs. She completed the paperwork to transfer her teaching certification to California, and now we are praying that she will get one of the five or so teaching jobs available in the state. She is close to Gabriel House, in Mexico, where she spent a year, and gets to see “her” kids often.

I am still teaching at our local high school, and this year I took on four sections of AP Language and Composition, plus my regular Regents class. The workload is crushing at times but the classroom is stimulating and very rewarding. I still love my job.

Taylor is busy at church, excited about some new staff hires and looking forward to all the good changes that will bring. He is also cycling like crazy…and enjoying the miles of bike paths our county has been laying down over abandoned rail beds.

We wish you all a peaceful, joy-filled Christmas…we do feel joy in spite of hard times because we belong to God. If you are ever in the Hudson Valley, look us up and come for a visit!

Merry Christmas,

The Holbrook Family