In Touch – February 18, 2012
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A Sending Church

He said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.  (Luke 10:2)

This Sunday Skip and Tina Smith will share their calling to South Africa.  The story of God’s work in their lives to bring them to this point is exciting and amazing.  We have the privilege at HRC of being a part of this story through our spiritual, material and emotional support.  As I reflected on Skip and Tina, I thought of all the other ways that we are becoming a sending church – seeing folks from HRC headed into ministry and mission around the world.  As we prepare to send the Smiths, I thought it would be good to be reminded of others who are being called to the kingdom in special ways.

Jen Nieves:  This weekend Jen Bendelius, the pastor at the Flatbush Reformed Church in Saugerties, has asked for a moment to thank the congregation for sending Jen to their youth ministry.  We have given Jen support from our youth budget and she is using her gifts to make a difference there.

Randy Prentiss:  This evening we will honor Randy for ten years of ministry at Hopewell.  We are supporting the sending of Randy to Arlington by giving them $13,000 for this coming year.  This is one of the most exciting revitalization models for RCA churches that I have seen.  If you would still like to contribute to the $13,000 Three Fold Blessing Fund, you may.

Pat Boyd:  This week Pat Boyd will be meeting with Denver Seminary as he and Michelle are on vacation out there.  He is looking at ways to live into his calling in youth ministry.

Rachel Snider: A few months ago you heard Rachel’s story of her call to the Dominican Republic using her medical training in mission.  She is raising funds from individuals in our congregation and beyond.  HRC will be supporting her from our mission budget as she completes the steps that allow her to be sent.

Dylan Ackley: Two weeks ago Dylan came up to me with the exciting news that he had been accepted into the Youth Ministry program at Nyack College.

Hilary Holbrook: My daughter is taking steps to come on staff with Mexico Medical Ministries in San Diego to pursue her calling of working with special needs kids in Mexico.

Paul Pearson: Paul is continuing to get mission field training to pursue a future that is responsive to the ways that God is calling him.

There are many ways that we are sending, but these are some of the folks who see their life calling as being sent into mission in other places. We can all rejoice that we are a part of a sending church, following Christ in mission to a lost and broken world so loved by God.


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