In Touch – March 16, 2012
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The Adventure of Odyssey

When we planned a church plant five years ago we never dreamed of Odyssey, but five years later we celebrate the trip God has taken us on.  This Sunday Mark Mast will preach on the discipline of Service at Hopewell, and I will experience the discipline of service at Odyssey.  For certainly Odyssey has been shaped into one of the most profound and unexpected mission trips that we could ever be on.

Our plan was that in five years we would have a fully functioning, self-supporting congregation in the Unionvale area, but, as Rodney Smith said a couple of weeks ago, “If you want to make God laugh, tell God your plans.”  Odyssey, with this latest move, is growing into a fully functioning congregation, but it will never be a self-supporting congregation in the way that we had planned.  Congregants who come together from group homes will not be able to support all aspects of ministry of the Odyssey congregation.  Odyssey will be one of the prime mission works of HRC.

This invites us to view Odyssey in a different way at HRC.  We send volunteers out monthly in service with CMP (Community Maintenance Program).  We have sent volunteers out to aide Prattsville as it rebuilds.  We send volunteers out to various places on this planet in service to the kingdom.  We also need to send volunteers to Odyssey to support the ministry there.  As Odyssey has moved to the Dutchess ARC Vocational Center off of Rte. 55 and is meeting every week, the stress on those who have committed to this ministry is great.  I am praying that we develop a support relationship with this mission that sees a steady flow of volunteers who go from Hopewell to Odyssey on a regular basis.

Mark will preach on service, but he will represent the opportunity to live into service in a new way through Odyssey.  We support this new ministry through our money and I am now inviting you to support it with your time.  Five years ago as Journey began, we invited at least thirty people from HRC to join Steve Dambra and Mark Mast in building a congregation in Unionvale.  I now would ask 130 people from Hopewell to give a week a month to help with Odyssey, which may mean simply heading out to Dutchess ARC Vocational Center once a month for worship.

It is not what we planned five years ago, but God is laughing with joy as a congregation of joy and celebration is taking shape at Dutchess County ARC.  Thanks be to God for this opportunity of service.

In Christ,