In Touch – April 22, 2012
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Partnering With Providence

During the night Paul had a vision: there stood a man of Macedonia pleading with him and saying, “Come over to Macedonia and help us.” (Acts 16:9)

That Macedonian vision changed the shape of Christianity forever as the Gospel entered into Europe and moved toward the heart of the Roman Empire.  Our “Dominican Vision” seems to be changing our church in similar ways.  We will be sending Rachel Snider down to the Dominican Republic as a full time health missionary with Students International. Sembradores Del Reino (Sowers of the Kingdom,) a ministry launched from Hopewell, is reaching out in ways far beyond what anyone imagined with church connections here and significant ministry opportunities in the D.R.

This Sunday the D.R. comes to us. The Reverend Antonio Aquino, pastor of the Iglesia Cristiana Comunitaria of Providence Rhode Island will be preaching at Hopewell.  Pastor Antonio has asked for help from our church in helping their church-start get going.  I have preached in Providence and we have celebrated with that congregation as Antonio became a part of the Reformed Church in America.  It is now their turn to come here.

The Classis of Mid-Hudson has also asked Hopewell to help.  We are part of a group of RCA churches in the Hudson Valley and, as the classis oversees the development of the Rhode Island congregation, they have asked us to be a partner church with this congregation in Providence.  Our consistory leaders will be meeting with ICC leaders after worship on Sunday to talk about the shape and organization of leadership in a RCA church.

On Sunday, our Classis President, our Synod Executive and the Director of the Hispanic Council of the RCA will all be here.  This is a big day and people have a lot invested in seeing this new work of providence in Providence be successful.  For a church that started as a Dutch speaking immigrant church in a new world, we have the opportunity to bless a Spanish speaking, immigrant church in a new world.  It certainly seems like the hand of providence is upon us with our D.R. connections and I am excited about the ways it will change the shape of our church forever.  It is exciting to be a partner with God’s providence.

Yours in Trust,