In Touch – April 27, 2012
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Joining Together on the Journey

…they have testified to your love before the church. You will do well to send them on in a manner worthy of God; for they began their journey for the sake of Christ (3 John 1:7)

I wish we could have twenty nine people preach this Sunday, but that might take a bit long.  Instead we will have four new members share their testimony of what Christ is doing in their lives and how that has connected them with the journey of this congregation.   This is a large group with many children.  It is an exciting group with many gifts.  It is a group of great stories and I hope that you take the time to hear some of them.

The elders handled reception into the church in a different way this time.  Our new members group gathers to talk about the three arcs of 167 Living: Worship, Discipleship and Mission.  Usually at the end of those weeks we gather as a large group with the elders and break up amongst the five elders and share faith stories.  It is a brief time that ends much too quickly.  This time the elders met with families and individuals in small groups in homes.  It allowed much more time to share stories, ask questions and explore the membership vows and confession that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.  We divided the groups up amongst the five elders, but I got to share in each meeting. What a joy; Amazing stories and amazing journeys. The hour we set aside was still too short, but the model is something that I am sure we will use from now on.

I thought I could give you a little taste of my excitement in this In Touch, but even here I would write too long on all the gifts and joys that this group brings.  Instead I use this page to introduce you to those who will join in the journey here at HRC and I leave it to you to invite them into your life to share stories together:

-Jim and Nora Bergstraser join with their three girls, Phoebe, Ella and Amelia.

-Matt and Krista Blome with their daughter  Maddielyn.

-Shayna Bryant and her daughter Jayna (Shayna will be at the White House on Sunday).

-Jen Castorina will join; she is married to Rob and her sons are Nicholas and Brandon.

-Kissup and Helen Chung will join with their daughter Joanna, Thomas is their son.

-Chris and Priscilla Conrad with their daughters Priscilla and Samantha. They also have a son,Jeffrey, at home.

-Bob and Sheila Eichinger  join with their daughters Leah and Gracie.

– Cindy Gerber joins with her son Brent; her other children are Travis and Robbin; Cindy’s husband is David.

-Greg and Kathy Gordon come with their daughters Emily and Sarah.

– Joan McEvoy comes with her son Sean.

– Bill and Kim Metzger stand before us with their children Harrison and Addison.

– Jeffrey Ricker joins and comes with his children Olivia, Scarlett and Alfred.  Jeff’s wife is named Linda.

-Sue Saez comes with Dillon and Connor.  Her husband is Kelvin.

-Scott and Coleen Snow with their children: Ryan, Sean and Kyra.

-Greg and Lisa Supple, who were recently married.

-Jen Amisson and Jon Van Alstyne, who are soon to be married,

-Dail Moses-Taylor with her sons David and Jonathon. She is married to Anthony.

You can see that it is quite a group.  God is going to do amazing things through them for the kingdom.  I hope you will be here to share in the joy on Sunday.

Yours on the Journey,