In Touch – September 21, 2012
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 Facts Are Our Friends

Bill Hybels introduces the book “Move” with a forward that is titled: Facts Are Our Friends.  He writes how he had to keep repeating that phrase to himself as the results of what became the REVEAL survey were revealed to him.  Bill is the pastor of Willow Creek Church, one of the most influential churches in Christianity through the last few decades. It is a seeker driven church whose goal was to move irreligious people into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  The REVEAL survey showed they were not doing a very good job.   The results rocked the world of Christianity.  “Willow Creek Repents” was the headline of some major news publications, both secular and Christian.  The survey changed Willow’s ministry in many ways.

Hopewell is now entering a discernment period where I am sure I will need to repeat Bill’s line many times: facts are our friends. The first step is the survey and then we are developing a REVEAL team that will work with the results to see what changes and challenges are presented to ministry at HRC. You have been asked to participate in REVEAL from up front on Sunday and through your e-mail updates from the church.  In case you have missed that opportunity you can get there through this link: We will have computers available this Sunday for anybody who does not have a computer or internet access.  There will be support people helping you out if needed.  If you call Hopewell your spiritual home, in whatever way you define that, we want you to take this survey.

My sense is that God is calling us to a period of time to be open to new directions and callings in what we do and who we are as the body of Christ.  We are called to make disciples and it is legitimate to reflect how well we are living into that calling.  I pray that you will take the time to take this first step.  It will not be easy and it may be a challenge for you to fill out the survey, but facts are our friends and from this we will move forward into the directions that God is calling.

Yours with knees a tremblin’