In Touch – September 28, 2012
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A Wonderful Wednesday

Tuesday night was consistory. We had a great discussion about the nature and the future of our church.  Pat Blanchfield has completed his first term as an elder and has sensed that he is not called to continue in his role as an elder.  He shared some of his reasons and it led to an hour- long discussion about our direction as a church.  There was a sense of the Holy Spirit moving in our midst to clarify our calling and open us up to a deeper walk in discipleship with a greater sense of reaching out.  While I had expected a tough meeting, it was a good meeting.

Wednesday was wonderful.  I had five appointments scheduled in my office that day and each was more amazing than last:

– It started with Steve Shenkman, who was baptized a couple of years ago. He was taking notes at the consistory meeting.  He said it was a great meeting and as he leads our REVEAL team, he is excited about what doors are opening in our development as a congregation.

-Next I met with a young man, in recovery, who has been a Christian for ten months.  He is on fire with his newfound faith and is seeking to understand where God wants him to serve in mission.  He had a biblical depth and a religious passion that got me fired up for his future and for what God is doing.

-Following that meeting I met with a high school young man who talked to me about 167 Living.  He is trying to live his faith in the face of many challenges from the world around him.  He came with Bible in hand, asking some of the deepest questions that I have ever heard from any follower of Christ, much less one who is so young.

-I then met with a couple who also are discovering a newfound faith and who desire to honor God as they are seeking to be married in a way that is pleasing to God.

-Finally I met with Jane Basso who shared with Colette Varanaouskas and me her desire to be baptized.  She shared her testimony about how God had turned her life around and everything is new.  Born again certainly is a description that fits for her.  (We are planning a service in the creek on October 21.)

-Then Thursday morning I met with Steve Dambra, one of our Odyssey pastors.  (Steve will be preaching at Hopewell on Sunday.)  He shared his wonderful Wednesday story from the night before.  He went to the Respite service with nothing.  He was tired and shot, wondering if they should even have a service.  A couple who thought they were going to an AA meeting upstairs (there is no AA meeting on Wednesday night) heard the music in the sanctuary and decided they needed to be in a church.  Steve said things happened that night for that couple and for him that made him so aware that this power belongs not to us, but to God.  It was amazing and wonderful.


I wish all Wednesdays were like this week, but for me it was a message from God to HRC: God is moving, God is working, stay the course and keep the faith.  That is why we are doing REVEAL and looking into God’s future for us.  I believe that Wednesday was a continuation of the meeting on Tuesday.  It was God affirming that there are plenty more Wednesdays like this one out there for this congregation.


Praise God,