In Touch – October 5, 2012
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A Choir Homecoming (Saturday October 6: Potluck at 6 PM; Concert at 7:30 PM)

Marge Way began singing in the choir in 1960.  She has a dash after that date by her name in the program for Saturday night.  This means that she is still singing.  Fifty two years of faithfulness in lifting up praise to God; (she actually started part-time in the summers before 1960 when she was fifteen.)  Great is that faithfulness.

Marge has worked with Edwina Pratt and Wesley Joseph in putting together a choir reunion for this Saturday and Sunday that will be wonderful.  We have had a great response as Marge is listed with forty others who will be singing Saturday night, most of whom will be singing Sunday, as well.  David and Eileen Appleby (1993-2001) will be singing and playing a duet.  Joe Bertolozzi (Choir Director and Organist 1979-1982, as well as a famous Mid-Hudson artist) will be playing the organ and joining the group.  Lorraine Nelson-Wolf (Choir Director and Organist 2002-2009) will be playing and singing in a trio with Cyndy Warren (1999- ) and Julie Cordisco 1991-2009). To see all the surprises of people who are traveling from near and far for this event, you will have to join us on Saturday night.

Edwina Pratt did great work in tracking down e-mails and addresses from Maine to the Carolina’s.  Edwina began with the choir in 1981 and there is still an opening after her dash.  She has stepped in to lead and help in so many ways and at so many times in those three decades.  We thank her for her faithfulness.  She currently leads the bell program at Hopewell and the Bells of Praise will be playing on Saturday night.

I hope that you will make sure that you are here on Saturday night at 6 PM for the fellowship of a Pot-Luck Supper and then stay for the concert at 7:30 PM.  Most of the reunion choir will be singing at Foundations on Sunday morning for World Communion Sunday when Skip Smith will share testimony via Skype from South Africa, as well.  It will be a great weekend of celebrating God’s faithfulness through His servants today and through many decades of praise at HRC.

In His Great Faithfulness,