In Touch – October 26, 2012
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In Praise of Pam

Twenty years ago HRC made a strategic decision; we decided to hire three part time people to replace a full time associate pastor. One of the people hired was Pam Hansen to help in pastoral care and outreach. She was also hired to begin a preschool at HRC.  It was certainly one of the best leadership decisions Hopewell has ever made.  Pam has had several job titles through the years, and a few years ago she finished work for her counseling degree. Through all these years, she has been at the heart of Hopewell in developing a culture of care in this congregation. She turned over Bright Beginnings to a new director a few years ago and became full time Coordinator of Care at Hopewell. It is hard to imagine Hopewell without her smile, her welcome and her warmth.  The people who have been blessed with care and concern is beyond number.  She continues to develop and deepen the ways we care at this church.

This Sunday we will honor Pam for those twenty years of ministry.  She will share stories in the sermon and lead us in the “Pastoral” prayer.   We will thank Pam and be reminded of the quiet, but key role she plays in our church.  I recognized the value of that role in new ways this summer as she was on sabbatical.  When the proposal came to consistory, I stated that we could make it through the summer without Pam without too much trouble, but I was wrong.  This summer the pastoral needs that hit our congregation were intense, and we all missed Pam immensely.  I am glad she is back and on board for another twenty years of ministry (we hope).

People walk into the offices of the church and they always look to the right; they check out Pam’s door for it is a joy to see her there with a welcome and with a smile.  I am thankful for the vision of the leaders of HRC twenty years ago when they saw in that smile a person who would represent so much of what we are seeking to be as a congregation.  I am sure Pam would rather not be praised, and would prefer to quietly let this anniversary pass, but I know as Lead Pastor and as a congregation, we all want to take the opportunity to not let this moment pass without praise to God for the gift of His servant Pam and all that she has meant to this place.

In Gratitude,