In Touch – November 16, 2012
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 Bed, Bath and Beyond

On the cover of the Love INC brochure for 2012 is a nine year old girl jumping on her bed saying: “I can’t believe I have my own bed”.  Matt Williams, who heads up our Beds INC ministry, sent me an e-mail from a new Love INC volunteer that shared a coffee time conversation she had: “Yes, Love INC is the reason I’ve come back to church. They have all been so wonderful to me. And I can’t believe they actually gave me a bed and mattress, with everything for my daughter. It’s so amazing. They’ve been so good to me.”

Our Thanksgiving offering this year will once again go to Beds INC, a ministry of our church that works through Love INC (the INC stands for In the Name of Christ).  Matt has challenged us to deliver forty beds this year.  We buy the beds and a team of volunteers takes the beds out to homes.  The people pray together and nine-year-old girls get their first beds.  In the offering envelopes you are given, you have one that says “Thanksgiving.” You may also simply write Beds INC on the memo line of your check.  We will need a large offering to reach forty beds, but when you see the joy on the face of a nine-year-old you know it is worth it.

November is also HRC’s month to participate in the personal care items collection for Love INC.  Bill Proal from our church has made over seventy deliveries of baskets of personal care items to families that receive help from Love INC.  No other ministry in Poughkeepsie gives out these kinds of items: laundry soap, bath soap, toothpaste, shaving items personal items etc.  There is a bin in the Fellowship Hall in which to place your donations.  The stock is very low, so I invite you to restock that pantry during these last two Sundays of November.

Thinking of beds and tooth brushes, things we may take for granted, I think of the Dominican Republic and a village named Palmerito that now has a well in the center of the village and is moving towards having showers.  This village is located on a mountain. The villagers have always had to walk down to the river to get water or wait for the rain to fill up barrels for their water supply.  Through the work of Sowers of the Kingdom, water now flows to Palmerito.  I met a man, who spoke no English and had few teeth, but he could not stop talking about how proud he was that his village now had something as simple and as basic as water.  The things we take for granted will be the focus of our Thanksgiving service on Wednesday night: our beds, our baths and beyond.

A final note about the Dominican and my life in the US: Marvin, who did not have water and maybe not a bed, had a cell phone on top of the mountain at Palmerito.  He will never have a landline, but can connect with the world through his cell phone.  In honor of Marvin, the Holbrooks have cut their landline.   Now if you need to call me, you can call direct to my cell (845 -489-1301.)  I may be in the D.R., or 9 Sachs Court, but I have joined the 21st century like Marvin and my cell phone will be with me.  Please take my old number (845 227-0402) out of your directory.

For all this I am thankful,