In Touch – December 14, 2012
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Three Arguments for the Existence of God

Wesley’s Concert: Last Sunday, Wesley Joseph played an organ concert in honor of his grandfather at the Poughkeepsie United Methodist Church.  He wore his grandfather’s bow tie, that Wesley tied (was not a clip on).  I was impressed by the bow tie, Wesley’s playing and the organ.  I marveled at the wonder of the instrument and the fact that

Wesley played organ pieces from the seventeenth and eighteenth century.  People designed organs as engineering wonders before there was electricity or power tools.  These magnificent marvels were created for beauty and used primarily to bring praise to God.  I am not sure what the evolutionary argument would be for the existence of art and beauty, but for me it points to the divine spark that God has placed in all of us.  Beauty is an argument for the existence of God.

12/12/12 Concert: After ChristCare on Wednesday, I came home to the Rolling Stones and an open-shirted Roger Daltry singing forty year old songs to raise funds for those devastated by Hurricane Sandy.  Rockers, usually associated with egos and great wealth, came together with millions of people to raise over thirty million dollars to help victims of Sandy.  The beauty of the stories of people sharing and serving, coming together from all over the country, is to me an argument for the existence of God.  We reflect the divine image when we serve and help each other in times of need.

Christmas Eve: I sat with pastors this week and we talked about Christmas Eve; the one night a year when people come from everywhere into churches to light a candle and hear that old, old, story one more time.  People are drawn into the wonder and the mystery by droves, and it speaks to the truth that we all know that there is more going on here than meets the eye.  Everybody seems to be a believer on Christmas Eve, and it reflects that deepest longing that draws us toward God.  Tony Congi has put music to words that have shaped this Advent season in our Gatherings service:

In each heart there is a longing
In each soul a desperate cry
To know if life has some true meaning
Or if we simply live and die
Earthly pleasures and possessions
Leave the sinking spirit dry
In each heart there is a longing
Only Jesus satisfies


That longing is played out on Christmas Eve.  That longing is an argument for the existence of God.


Have a God- filled third week of Advent,