In Touch – December 15, 2012
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Three Reasons for the Existence of God (Part Two)

I realize my earlier “In Touch” went into mailboxes just about the time people where hearing the news of the horror in Connecticut.  As I moved around today, it seemed that everybody was just in shock, and it brings these horrors to a higher level as we think of a kindergarten class being targeted by a gunman.  I listened to the newscasts as I drove to speak at a funeral of a forty two year old father of three who dropped dead suddenly in his home.  It seemed like a stunned sadness had descended on this Christmas season, and the question of God, God’s existence, God’s goodness and who is in charge here, was on the minds and hearts of many.

Earlier in the day, I had argued for the existence of God:  in beauty, in people helping people and in the mystery and magic of Christmas Eve. By the end of the day, the arguments are from the dark side of evil and how we face such a horrific event from the perspective of faith. I still believe this points to deeper truths that are written on our hearts and minds.  I will again outline those in three points:

The Nature of Evil: The language that hit the headlines was theological: “Evil visited this community today said Governor Malloy.  The only language to convey the nature of an act like this puts it in the context of evil, a darkness that is beyond just human intention going bad.  It is evi,l and it represents a force that is counter to beauty, truth and light.  Our response to it reflects that there is universal recognition of this reality.  Today’s 365 bible reading, Colossians 1:13 says:  “He has rescued us from the power of darkness and transferred us into the kingdom of his beloved Son. “  The point is ,there is a power of darkness in this world, but there is also the kingdom of light.  The world screams out in response to the darkness and evil, pointing to the truth that there is a Godly order to this universe that we all understand and long for.

The Nature of Prayer: Pam sent out an e-mail that talked about a prayer vigil at Dutchess Stadium.  In a few hours after the news, somebody had organized an event to invite people to pray.  My bet is the place was packed.  In Newton Connecticut,  people will be in churches to pray, asking for God’s presence and help in a time of trouble.  It is what we do.  I still remember on 9/11 with no publicity or planning, people headed to the tent (at HRC) to pray.  There is something innate within us that drives us to our knees in times of sorrow.

People Helping People: An argument I made for the existence of God earlier in the day was the Sandy Concert in Madison Square Garden.  I know tonight that there will be stories of people stepping into this crisis and laying their lives down to help others.  We see in these moments some of the worst evil that is known to humanity, but also some of the most beautiful ways that people help people in crisis.  I saw that in the funeral tonight. This family that was grieving was lifted as if by a wave of love that carried them up when they could not carry themselves.  It will be a story that we will hear played out in this horror.  Evil brings out the worst of humanity, but it brings out the best in us. as well. This reflects divine light.

We all are just in shock in a moment like this, and the only place we have to go is on our knees to God, to be reminded that the Lord is near to the broken-hearted and close to the crushed in spirit.  Let us pray for those in Newtown.

In Advent Hope,