In Touch – December 28, 2012
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A Look Back – A Look Forward

We will have one worship service this Sunday at 10:30 at Hopewell and one worship service this Sunday at Odyssey at 10 AM.  At 4 PM Common Ground will meet.  It will be a day to celebrate God’s faithfulness in the past year and to look forward to what God will be doing in the coming year.

At Hopewell we will have a brief congregational meeting for the election of the 2013 consistory.   Consistory has nominated three candidates to fill the positions that are open.  They are as follows:

Elder: Bruce Smith-Bruce is a worship leader at our Gatherings service.  He has been a part of the congregation for about fourteen years.  He has served as a deacon and in various capacities with CMP.  He has worked in all areas of the church’s technology ministries and has put many PowerPoint displays together for worship and other presentations.  Consistory has nominated him because of his gifts of service, wisdom and his knowledge of the congregation.

Deacon: Mason Johnson-Mason is a fairly new member at HRC, but he has jumped into service at with both feet.  He and his family have been part of a number of family mission trips.  He has served with Family Promise at the Youth House.   He is part of our grounds team that faithfully keeps HRC’s campus in such good shape.  He works with children’s ministry as a Sunday School leader.  Consistory has seen in Mason the heart of a deacon which is a commitment to service and the overall ministry of the church.  He is one of our van drivers for Odyssey and he recently returned from worship there and said: “If you do not experience the joy of the Lord in that service then something is wrong with you!”

Deacon: Steve Shenkman-Steve has been around the church for a long time.  He was led here by his wife and kids and that led to his baptism as a follower of Christ three and a half years ago.  He has been in my ChristCare group from before that time.  Since Steve retired from IBM he has taken on leadership roles in the church full time.  He is one of our key point people in the REVEAL survey and will be an important leader in the church transformation process we are entering.  He has counseled our pastors on time management and scheduling.  He is working on policy manuals for the church and he has been sitting with the board of deacons and consistory as clerk since Tina Smith has gone to South Africa.

I recommend these candidates to you with strong support from the consistory.  I look forward to sharing with you in their election on Sunday and their ordinations later in January.  It will be a good way to close the year and look forward to the future.  Remember, one service at Hopewell at 10:30.  We will be singing some more Christmas Carols.

In Christmas Hope,