In Touch – January 4, 2013
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Blessed to be a Blessing

Randy Prentiss will be in the pulpit on Sunday to celebrate the culmination of his transition from Youth Pastor at Hopewell to Pastor at Arlington Reformed Church.   It will be a day to recognize the continuing partnership between ARC and HRC.  One hundred and three years ago, the Pastor of HRC left to plant a new church in Arlington.  One hundred and three years later, we recognize that the story continues.  Praise God!

Last year, members of Hopewell gave salary support to Randy so that he could more quickly move into full time ministry at Arlington.  This year, that financial support is finished but the need to recognize that the partnership continues is why Randy is invited back to preach.  Arlington Reformed, which was on the ecclesiastical cliff three years ago, has seen a transformation and Randy will have stories to share.  Thank you Hopewell for the vision of coming alongside a sister congregation and sharing in blessing to see that ministry continues through ARC.

As we celebrate with Arlington, I will be headed to the Beacon Reformed Church to preach.  I am the classis supervisor for them. (Classis is our local organization of RCA churches and it is our responsibility to oversee churches without pastors.) It will be my first time in the pulpit there.  They are a church that is struggling.  They have about twenty people in worship and are seeking to determine how they will have a vital ministry in a city that is seeing renewed excitement and development.  This year, they celebrate one hundred and fifty years of ministry.  The serious question is: how many more years will they be able to minister as a congregation?

My presence at Beacon comes at a good time.  Common Ground has been meeting at a local coffee shop.  Mark Mast has started up a youth group in Beacon that is looking for space, as they have outgrown the apartment where they were meeting.  It may be that a partnership is possible where the old, traditional Beacon Reformed Church develops some connections with the group called Common Ground, which sees itself as far from old and dramatically opposite of traditional.  We will have to see.

I am glad to be part of a church that has a vision outside of its doors. We saw that this Christmas in the amazing giving to the Mary Merillat Mission Tree, Beds INC, and the Deacon’s Fund of almost $30,000.  The key to following Christ in mission is to give our lives away.  As Hopewell has partnered with Arlington, we have seen amazing blessings.  As we make connections with Beacon, we look forward to what God will do there.  As we continue to give of our time, our talents and our treasure, we see God give back in manifold ways.  Blessed to be a blessing was the word given to Abraham.  It is the word given to us today.

In Christ,  Taylor