In Touch – January 11, 2013
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 A Sunday of Healing and of Hope

When Sara Greenberg came to my office this fall we were in the midst of our Twelve Step series.  During that series I discovered people who I never knew were alcoholics who came forward and shared with me that they were part of twelve step groups. Most of the people who shared with me were women; I was surprised. 

Sara works for Care Net, a crisis pregnancy center, in Poughkeepsie.  Sara shared her own testimony which included the story of three abortions.  Hers was a powerful testimony of a successful corporate employee from Westchester County who dealt with the sadness and sorrow of choices that she had made, but also the power and the grace of a God who “recalled her to life” and restored her hope.  Sara will speak to our women’s group on Wednesday night.  You can hear her full testimony then.  She will also share this Sunday.

I invited her to come and share a piece of her testimony on Sunday morning.  This January is the fortieth anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision and while we have not talked about abortion much at Hopewell, Sara’s story got me thinking that this may be an issue that people in our congregation, especially women, are dealing with, or have dealt with in ways that I am not aware.  There may be shame and sadness connected with it that remains buried, or fear that if it is named then judgment will be meted out and pain increased.

Our country is deeply divided over this issue and bringing biblical perspectives of grace and hope to the debate is necessary for the church.  I have stayed away from the label of “Sanctity of Life Sunday” because it has been used by many to even further divide people, but I invite us to live a consistent life ethic that reflects on the value of each life from conception to the grave, and to work to reduce abortions for those who feel there is no other choice.

This week there will be an evening of healing and hope in Newtown, Connecticut.  Some of the biggest names in the Christian community are coming to speak words of life in a situation of tragic death.  It is what the church is called to, and we are reminded in the sorrow of Newtown that every life is precious.  I pray that every Sunday this is a place of healing and of hope.

In Christ,