In Touch – January 18, 2013
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 Get A Move On!

This Sunday we will ordain three leaders (Steve Shenkman, Mason Johnson and Bruce Smith) into their ministries as elder and deacon.  The agenda for their leadership will be developed by what is happening in the REVEAL process.  We will begin the church-wide phase of looking at the results for the next four weeks.  A group of about twenty people have been looking at the results and are developing actions that we need to take in response to those results.  This week, Pat Boyd will share some of his testimony as to what this process has “revealed” to him.

The first thing to say is, we had a great response to the survey.  Two hundred and twenty six people took the time to go on line and fill out the survey.  There was some confusion at first in the number of people who responded, but it ended up that Willow Creek asked us to give feedback on how we got so many people to respond.  Our yearly average for worship is 434 (up 32 per week from 2011) so to receive over half of that number back in surveys is great.

The second thing to say is, the results reveal that we are complacent and stuck.  I am not sure if that translates that we are “comfortably numb”, but the challenge that is first on our action items is to create a culture that encourages growth.  We want to be a place where everyone is “growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.” (2 Peter 3:18)  We want this question to be on everyone’s lips: “how are you growing these days?”

Two other action items that will be developed from the results of the survey are: 1) create a culture that embeds the Bible in everything, and 2) creating a culture that develops spiritual relationships with others and with God.  The first item (embed the Bible in everything) is the catalyst for growth no matter where you are.  The second item is a call to develop mentorship models and revitalize our ChristCare (small group) ministry.

I believe that we are ordaining leaders into leadership at one of the most exciting and critical moments of ministry of Hopewell.  It may be easy for a 256 year old church to become complacent and stuck, but the church reformed and ever reforming is always looking out towards the one who is making all things new. (Revelation 21:5)  It is a great time to be in leadership, stay tuned.

In Christ,