In Touch – February 15, 2013
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“Yaz” and the Confirmands

Jeff Munroe from Western Seminary will preach this Sunday.  One of my great stories about Jeff is my Yastrzemski rookie card story.  Munroe loved baseball cards and I gave him my box from Mrs. Reilly (my fourth grade teacher).  Jeff pointed out to me that in that box was a very valuable card, Carl Yastrzemski’s rookie card.  Jeff helped me sell those cards and that helped me pay for seminary at Western.

Jeff now helps many students pay for seminary at Western.  As Vice President for development he has given up his hat of youth ministry with Young Life and helps the next generation of church leaders pay for their training.  We will present Jeff with a check for $500 for the work of Western.  We have had some debate on that:  Is it a mission?  Is it our denominational responsibility?  Should Hopewell be helping this institution at all?  I strongly believe we should.  The training of the next generation of pastoral leaders for the church is critical work of the church today.

We will see that on display on Sunday.  The 2013 confirmation class will be introduced on Sunday.  The reason the “Yaz” card was worth so much is because, as a rookie, it was not yet known that he would be a Hall of Famer.  Sunday we introduce the Hall of Famers of the future; kids of the kingdom who will carry the faith on to the next generation.  We introduce them on the first Sunday of Lent because Lent is that time when converts of old prepared for their baptism on Easter morning.  The forty days of Lent were used for instruction in the faith.  We will go through Easter on into Pentecost with these confirmands.  We are celebrating the future of the church in this process.  So please print this out and pray for these young people and their mentors as they join in the journey:

Aaron Tracy (Don Bernard), Luke Melvin (Ron Ruvo), James Jakuba (Rich Lotze), Travis Gerber (Dylan Ackley), Ryan Snow (Mark McConnell), Ryan Hayes (Rick Rieland), Courtney Mast (Jane Dambra), Ruth Martin (Karen Shogren), Matthew Lynch (TBD), Ben Bernard (Kenny Goldsmith), Brian Bernard (George Acosta), Amanda Smalley (Sheryle Silvern), Jason Smoot (Wes Dungan), Matthew Goldsmith (Patrick Boyd), Faith Nogles (Pam Hansen).

This is a great line up of rookies.  Maybe someday Jeff will work on paying their way at Western.  Whatever the case, we look forward to the work they will do for the kingdom of God in the future.  Each one of these rookie cards will be valuable in God’s economy and future Hall of Famers in the church.

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