In Touch – February 22, 2013
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 The Miracle of the Merillat House and Charlie’s Angels

Warren and Lynette Jee will be away with sixty-five kids and leaders from HRC at the Taconic retreat this weekend.  I am so thankful for the blessing of their leadership in our youth ministry and my thanksgiving takes me back to the miracle of the Merillat house that brought them here.

Two years ago, Mark Mast and I were trying to figure out how we could financially put together a package to hire a new youth pastor.  On a Wednesday afternoon, Mark threw up his hands and said: “we can’t do it without housing; we just don’t have the money.”  The next morning Bob Merillat called saying: “I want to donate my house to the church.”  It was a miracle.  We had the housing.

Six months after that we met in consistory to discuss the pay package for this couple from South Africa.  It had already been decided it did not make sense for them to move into the Merillat house, but through the Bushey’s we had other options for housing.  We still needed the money from the sale of the house to balance the budget and allow consistory to extend an offer.  $18,000 was added to the budget for a youth pastor from the anticipated sale of the Merillat house.  Consistory signed off on the call and the offer was made.  The rest is history, except for the fact that we did not sell the house up on the hill last year.  The blessing from God is that we were able to cover the cost with congregational giving and did not need the cash infusion from the sale of the house; our second miracle.

Truth be told, there was much more work on this house then we could have imagined. We have needed this time to bring the house in shape to sell.  That is where Charlie’s Angels stepped in. Charlie Mack agreed to volunteer his time and expertise in making the house marketable.  Kurt Tegtemeier and Charlie worked to get volunteers from the church and there was no miracle there.  Three guys that Charlie had worked with in the Salvation Army construction class, Manny, Robert and James, were brought in as the angels that would transform this house.  They have been a miracle.

Mark Mast and I hiked up the mountain last week to see the Merillat house transformed.  It is beautiful thanks to the work of the angels.  Norm Bell has done a lot of tree work to transform the million dollar view of the Hudson Valley and the house is just about ready to go on the market in March.  Charlie’s recommendation is to price it high to attract buyers from New York City who want to own one of the best views of the Hudson Valley.  I look forward to that next miracle that happens when we sell the house.

God has moved in amazing ways through amazing people to bring this all about.  The lives that will be touched this weekend at the Taconic retreat are the real miracles of what God has done in all of this.

Thanks be to God, Taylor