In Touch – March 8, 2013
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 From Sun Burn to Snow Blind

Mark Mast and I were driving up the Palisades Parkway at about 2 AM this morning.  We had traded 78 degrees and sunny in Houston to almost white out conditions just before Bear Mountain Bridge.  We were returning from the Faithwalking event that was the beginning of the Ridder process for HRC.  It was four days of inviting the light to shine on all areas of our lives and opening up the light of God on all areas of our ministry at HRC.

This process has begun with REVEAL, but I am convinced will become much brighter on the journey with Ridder.  God has put together some amazing pieces in my leadership life at HRC and is shining some bright light on places that need to be exposed in my life.  It” hurts so good” and for that I thank God.  Mark Mast is preaching on Sunday, and he will be sharing some revelations from the week in his message.

It is hard to explain what the Ridder process is because so much of what we do is based on program.  Get a new program and a new box that contains the manual and run it out for a while until you get a new box and a new program.  That is not what we are talking about.  We are talking about deep transformation change that is reflected in focus of 167 Living.  By coupling what we are doing with REVEAL, Ridder we will give a structure to living into being a 167 disciple.

Tomorrow at our REVEAL session, we will start moving in directions in three particular areas: 1) developing a pathway and a culture for growth; 2) developing a culture that embeds the Bible in everything and; 3) developing a culture of relationship. While each one of these initiatives works well with Ridder, the first initiative will be developed with Faithwalking.  I believe that we will see a much more intentional disciple-making process at Hopewell and I am looking forward to how that develops.

For now you may feel a little snow blind as to what is coming next, but we are headed toward the sun as we go deeper in our relationship with the Son.  Stay on the journey, keep moving ahead and the skies will be clearing with the light of Christ.

Yours on the Journey,


P.S. I just discovered that Nester Ortega, a rapper from the Dominican Republic, will be in church on Sunday.  I have asked him to share a song (rap) in the Gatherings service.  Nester is a very famous musician in the Latin community.  It will be a different style of music for HRC, but it is an honor to have him here.  He performed at the outreach event that HRC and the Sowers of the Kingdom put together in the Dominican Republic in November.  It will be historic for HRC.