In Touch – April 26, 2013
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 A Call-A Walk-A Paddle- A Ride-A Sabbatical Journey

In just over a month I begin a summer sabbatical- A Journey of Personal and Congregational Transformation.  I have already been doing preliminary work as I dig deeper in the Ridder process with Faithwalking 201.  HRC is in the midst of the process called REVEAL, working to create a culture of growth and relationship with the Bible embedded in everything we do.

Many have asked what I will be doing on my sabbatical, so I want to outline that here and invite your support in a couple of ways.  Here are the major movements of this sabbatical journey.

A Retreat: After confirmation Sunday I will head off to The Hermitage at Linwood.  It is here that I will spend time listening to God and being guided by my spiritual director.

A Call: I have received a small grant from the Lilly Foundation to return to Colorado with my Lead Pastor Network Group to explore the nature of our calls.  It was behind the bar at the Grand Imperial Hotel in Silverton that I received my call to ministry.  We will all be sharing our calls through the lens of Richard Rohr’s book, Falling Upward: Spirituality for the Two Halves of Life.

A Walk: As July begins I will put on my backpack and head out my front door onto the Appalachian Trail towards Maine.  I will hike for ten days and then call Cathy.  She will come and pick me up wherever I am and together we will head to Acadia National Park in Maine.

A Paddle: At the beginning of August I will head up to Troy to join with the Two Row Wampum to paddle and kayak the length of the Hudson from Troy to NYC.  I was introduced to this group by a fellow RCA pastor who works with Native Americans.  It is to commemorate a treaty with the Dutch and Haudenosaunee people.

A Ride: On August 18 I will catch a train to Montreal to join the Sea to Sea bike trip, cycling to end poverty.  This is an RCA and CRC (Christian Reformed Church) cross country bike trip that is raising funds for Church World Service to address hunger issues around the world.  Each cyclist is challenged with raising money.  My goal for a one week ride is $2,500. You can go to the web site here to learn more about the ride and make a donation.

Reflection: The sabbatical journey will end where it started, at Linwood, with a personal retreat to reflect on the readings, the learning and the listening of this sabbatical.  I will return for a kick-off celebration as we begin our ministry year on September 8 under the tent.

I hope you will pray for me, support me in spirit and in giving as we move into the next season of ministry together at Hopewell.  Yours on the Journey,    Taylor