In Touch – May 10, 2013
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Consistory Prayers

n. pl. con·sis·to·ry\

a. Roman Catholic Church An assembly of cardinals presided over by the pope for the solemn promulgation of papal acts, such as the canonization of a saint.

b. A governing body of a local congregation in certain Reformed churches.

c. A court appointed to regulate ecclesiastical affairs in Lutheran state churches.

d. An Anglican diocesan court presided over by a bishop’s chancellor or commissary.

At our new members meeting on Sunday we had a discussion of some of the terms the church uses that you do not hear anywhere else.  I don’t think anyone knew where or what the “narthex” was.  (It is the room between the fellowship hall and the sanctuary.)  Nobody knew what consistory meant.  Consistory is our governing board which is made up of deacons, elders and pastors.

Consistory will be meeting tomorrow in an extended time to discuss and discern God direction in two items: 1) Looking at the work of REVEAL and understanding how that will direct us into the next seasons of ministry at HRC and 2) Our staffing structure as a church as we seek to fully live into our 167 Calling.  We have found that we do not have enough time in our monthly meeting to take on major discussion topics.  It will be an important meeting and I ask you to be at prayer for us.

Elders have spiritual oversight of the congregation and especially focus on the areas of worship and discipleship.  We welcome an elder back onto the board as John Young will fill the remaining year and a half of Matt William’s term.  Matt needed to step away from the board of elders for personal reasons and the elders nominated John to step in.  John is a visionary leader that has served on the Ministry Vision Board and as an elder and Vice President before.  We wanted a leader with experience to step in at this time.  The other elders are: Shireen Gilbert (Vice President) Stephanie Patton, Bruce Smith and Colette Varanaouskas.

Deacons have oversight over the mission, maintenance and money of the congregation.  They are led by Steve Shenkman who is the Head Deacon and Mike Boyd, Mason Johnson, Hans (aka Henry) Mikhail and Mike Reynolds.

This is a great group of leaders who commit a great deal of time to the cause of the kingdom at Hopewell.  I thought it might be good to refresh all of us on who is leading in this season of ministry and especially encourage you to pray for your leaders tomorrow.

Thank you,