In Touch – November 15, 2013
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Re: Where Am I?

But the Lord God called to the man, and said to him, “Where are you?” (Genesis 3:9)

Where am I? Today I am on Hunter Mountain preparing to meet with a group from our church as part of the Ridder church initiative; a journey of transformation that asks “Where are you?”  I have been asking the question as I have been traveling I-80 between Michigan and Hopewell.  I came home to a house that felt pretty empty and I sat in my favorite chair and asked at the deeper level: “Where am I?”

Here are the physical facts of where I will be for the next few months.  I will preach this Sunday at HRC and then, after consistory and staff meetings, head back to Michigan to be with Andrew and Cathy through Thanksgiving.  The Friday after Thanksgiving I will return for the beginning of Advent and then go back to Michigan, so that Cathy can worship at Hopewell on December 8, decorate our home for Christmas, and see friends and co-workers here.  I will then return for the third and fourth weeks of Advent, as well as Christmas Eve.  Cathy, Andrew, Sarah and Hilary will all return to Hopewell for Christmas.  We are very excited about this Christmas.  We will then all travel back to Michigan to the Bast Family Christmas at Cran Hill Ranch and continue Andrew’s rehab.  For 2014, I am planning to be in Hopewell three out of four Sundays a month, and will be traveling to Michigan one week a month.  I am thankful to the staff and leadership at HRC for giving me the freedom and time to be where I need to be as Andrew continues to make amazing progress-keep praying!

The question to Adam was not simply about location, it was about his soul. What has happened in the last four months has been transformational in my soul, and it will be transformational in my leadership.  This will not simply be a year of traveling back and forth on I-80, but it will be a journey as a congregation of deep transformation. People want to know what programs will be put in place, what staff will look like and how we go forward.  You will ask the Ridder team those questions on Sunday, but they will tell you that this is a process that is not looking for the next program or four-year plan, but it looks at transformation in leaders’ lives that shape an authentic community of integrity and mission.  I think God is putting the pieces in place for that to happen in deeper ways at HRC.

That is where I am today.

In Christ,