In Touch – November 22, 2013
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 I’m Back

I left a staff meeting on Wednesday to wake up in Michigan on Thursday.  I am in the commuter stage of my life, doing therapy with Andrew today in the chapel and in the gym, but working from my computer in my mother-in-law’s apartment.  I made Andrew get us home from the chapel.  I told him we would walk to Muskegon if that is where he led us.  He got us home fine, with only one slight detour. Commuter therapy, commuter marriage, commuter ministry- it is not what I wanted, but it is my life for now. 

Tuesday I was at consistory and I heard the report of a severe shortfall in our giving for 2012-2013.  The start of our 2013-2014 year is not looking much better.  That brings me back to concerns that are before us as a congregation.  To share that with staff on Wednesday was not easy as we are all trying to figure out the implications for our ministry.  It is not the way I wanted it, but is a part of ministry right now.

Andrew’s accident has transformed many things about my life and ministry, and the challenge of getting back to the “new normal” of life and work is hard.  I will be forever grateful to the church for allowing me to negotiate all of this in the ways that are best for Andrew and all of us. We are blessed to be supported in so many ways as well by Cathy’s colleagues and Sarah, who is willing to be here (in Michigan) giving support to Andrew.

I will be living in two worlds, but my message to the church is: “I’m back.”  You are free to contact me through my cell 845-489-1301 or email  with ministry related matters.  I am thankful that people have given me space these last three months (and the three months before that for my sabbatical), but you need not hesitate to be in touch with me as I will be in touch with you.

I would like to come back to budget surpluses and blow the doors off growth, but I truly believe that through this season of ministry God is shaping me and this church for deeper and wider work in the kingdom.  I am forever grateful for the lessons we learned—and are learning—in  this season of life with Andrew.  I believe we will say the same thing about Hopewell’s ministry as we are grateful for the work that God is doing through us here.

In Christ,