In Touch – January 3, 2014
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 A Mission Partnership

You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, to be known and read by all. (2 Corinthians 3:2)


I will be back in Hopewell for the first Sunday of the New Year, but John Abrahamse will be preaching on the text above.  John, the head of J-Life Africa, has blessed the ministry of HRC for well over a decade.  The partnership with J-Life and HRC is a vision of the best of relationships in mission.  Warren and Lynette Jee have come to us through J-Life.  Longtime HRC members who work with J-Life include Tina Smith, a missionary we have sent to serve in South Africa;  Kevin Phillips, who has taught for J-Life and works with J-Life USA;  and Katlin Geysen, who has worked as an intern with J-Life in South Africa. Many people have taken trips to J-Life and been impacted by their ministry. John has been great in maintaining the relationships with Hopewell.  He is committed to developing disciples of Jesus Christ and as we seek to go “deeper and wider” in Hopewell Junction, we will start the year with an excellent disciple-maker giving us some guidance.

Our Mission Team at HRC has been looking at a new model in mission for Hopewell.  We want to develop more “home grown” missionaries that are being raised up through HRC and we will go deeper with mission organizations with whom we have long term relationships.  Instead of dispersing money in many places, we want to relate deeply and intentionally with these historical partners.  Sowers of the Kingdom in the D.R. and Community Maintenance Program in Hopewell are places, along with J-Life in Africa, where we plan to invest more money and more energy.

John is a good friend and a good leader.  We have biked together  through Manhattan and he has prayed for Andrew in this time of need.  It will be a joy to have him in the pulpit on Sunday, but it is more of joy to partner in ministry with him.  I look forward to sharing with him on Sunday.

In Christ,