Sermon Series: Psalms in the Key of Life
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Psalms in the Key of Life: The focus for this series comes from Pastor Taylor’s experience with his son Andrew’s accident.  The place he returned to throughout these four months has been the Book of Psalms.  It was the center of his devotional reading and life.  The Psalms have been called the prayer book of God’s people. In these 150 prayers the full range of human emotion and religious affection is laid bare.


In his book: The Message of the Psalms,Walter Brueggeman outlines three types of Psalms from scripture:

  • Psalms of Orientation
  • Psalms of Disorientation
  • Psalms of Reorientation

The following six psalms reflect these styles and are chosen for this series:

January 12
Text: Psalm 1 (Psalm of orientation)
Preacher: Taylor
Call to Worship: Psalm 100
Prayer of Confession
 January 19
            Text: Psalm 19 (Psalm of orientation)
            Preacher: Taylor Holbrook
            Call to Worship: Psalm 95:1-7 
January 26
            Psalm 13 (Psalm of disorientation)
            Preacher: Mark Mast
            Call to Worship: Psalm 96: 1-6 
February 2
            Psalm 42 (Psalm of disorientation)
            Preacher: Pam Hansen
            Call to Worship: Psalm 103:1-5 
February 9
            Psalm 46 (Psalm of reorientation)
            Preacher: Taylor Holbrook
            Call to Worship: Psalm 136:1-9 
February 16 (Psalm of reorientation)
            Psalm 91
            Preacher: Taylor Holbrook
            Call to Worship: Psalm 150