In Touch – January 10, 2014
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 Psalms in the Key of Life

“Psalms take us to the joys of life and to the depths of pain; they take us to the questions and the agony.  Through the psalms, we are given a voice to talk to God in all these places.”

In the days after Andrew’s accident my devotional life changed.  I found myself only praying the Psalms.  In times when I could not pray for myself, the words of ancient poets gave me a voice in my crisis.  Like Billy Graham has done his whole life, I read through the Psalter day by day and when I finished Psalm150, I returned to Psalm 1.  Deep cries to deep, says Psalm 42, and the deep words of these Hebrew poets cried out to me.

So as I thought about the preaching as we start this New Year, I knew that I wanted to go to the ancient prayer book of the people of God.  Walter Brueggemann says: “In season and out of season, generation after generation, faithful women and men turn to the Psalms as a most helpful resource for conversation with God about things that matter most.”  We will be talking about the things that matter most. Our worship, preaching and singing will all be drawn from the Psalms.

I hope you will let the Psalms seep deeply into your soul these next six weeks and perhaps, like Billy, you will spend time with all one hundred and fifty Psalms in the next month.  Beyond the Psalms that you know by heart, you will find Psalms that make you uncomfortable.  You may want to selectively delete some stanzas or phrases that voice emotions that make you squirm. I hope you stay with it, and you will find Psalms in the key of life that speak to your heart and become a language for your prayers that sustains you as they have sustained people of faith for generations.

In Christ,