In Touch – February 28, 2014
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Re: Found Faithful with All

“He summoned ten of his slaves, and gave them ten pounds, and said to them, “Do business with these until I come back.” (Luke 19:13)

The second day Andrew was in a coma at Spectrum Hospital I got a call from Felix.  Felix is the financial manager at Arbor Glen, the retirement community where my mom lived until her death two years before he was calling me.  Felix should not have called me; he should have called my sister who is the executrix of my mother’s estate.  He called to say we had an offer on my mother’s apartment which meant that a large cash sum would be coming to the estate.  My jaw dropped.  My sisters and I had written this money off as Arbor Glen was in financial trouble.  My Uncle had warned me that he thought they were going bankrupt and we would be lucky to get any money from the amount that had been locked up in the agreement with Arbor Glen.

Felix made a mistake, but I believe that it was God’s miracle.  At the moment when I needed it most God sent a message through Felix that said: “trust me.”   I hung up the phone in shock.  In this moment of financial fear of what Andrew’s accident would mean to his future and concerns about the impact on our finances, God sent a clear message that I interpreted as the blessing from a loving creator: “I will care for you.”  My sister took care of sending the tithe of this amount of money to Western Seminary and the RCA mission program (as my mom had directed)  and last week a check arrived from her that was split between my two sisters and me.  It came the same week that I got a letter from our insurer that $185,000 of insurance money had been paid out for Andrew and they would not cover the remaining Mary Free Bed bill of $157,886.60. (Don’t worry we are a long way from owing all that money, but again the financial fear was right in front of me.)

The timing of these two miracles is not being lucky.  I interpret them as being faithful.  My mom was faithful in giving in her living and dying.  Her principles of faithfulness now are blessing her grandson in time of need.  There are principles of faithfulness that are shown in scripture that I have seen lived out again and again, whether as a church we receive the gift of a home to cover a deficit, or in the lives of Christ followers who have spent a life of giving faithfully and see blessings that they cannot count or number.

This Sunday I will speak of these principles as they shape our lives.  I am excited to preach about money, because I have seen the ways that God uses it in miraculous ways to show his faithfulness.  I return to Hopewell at a time when these lessons are critically important for our church and each one of us, especially as IBM goes through some major transitions. I learned the lessons from the faithfulness of my parents, and my children now learn the lessons in the next generation.  I hope it is a lesson we all learn as we listen to the teachings of Jesus.

In Faith,