In Touch – March 21, 2014
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Re: The First Weekend of Spring

After worship on Sunday, I will head out for a wedding in Michigan.  I have stood at the front of churches and watched one hundred and forty eight brides come down the aisle; next Saturday will be the first time it will be me walking down that aisle.  I will follow my daughter Sarah, the maid of honor, and I will join my son Andrew in front in a position we were not sure he would be in six months ago.  Winter has changed to spring and while snow still sits on the ground in Michigan, it feels like the spring has come radiantly early this year.

My cousin Andrew will officiate.  He works in the same ministry as my son-in-law and therefore knows Tyler;  when Tyler went out to start a Campus Outreach ministry at San Diego State University he said: “My cousin lives out there, she is awesome; you should meet her and marry her.”  That is what Tyler is doing.  Hilary and Tyler met on the first Sunday both of them were at Harbor Church in San Diego.  It certainly seems that God has brought them together in miraculous ways.

Tyler Jarratt is taller than I and can grow a full beard, something that I have never accomplished.  He is an awesome guy and has been through the fire with our family in this last year.  He was by Hilary’s side as we gathered in Grand Rapids after Andrew’s accident and he served our family by helping in whatever ways we needed in those first days in the ICU.  Hilary wrote in her Care Page post from the hospital on August 25: “Tyler (my fiancé) and I stayed with Andrew last night. We both agreed it wasn’t how we thought we’d spend our first night together…but it was nice to be near him nonetheless.”

I will stand between Tyler and Hilary until Andrew (my cousin) asks the parents if they are ready to give their blessing to this new family forming within our own.  I have asked the question many times, but next Saturday will be the first time I answer the question.  Cathy and I will do so with great joy.  Spring has sprung.



Holbrook Family Spring 2014

P.S. In the picture above, back row: Cathy, Andrew, Taylor. Front row: Sarah’s boyfriend Andrew Bogdanovich (or “Big Do,” as Andrew has dubbed him), Sarah, Hilary, Tyler.