Touché – April 25, 2014
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A Touch of the Heart

“Send lawyers, guns and money, dad, get me out of this.” (Warren Zevon)

Charles Stanley’s lawyers have tracked me down.  They called me a couple of weeks before Easter to follow up on the “cease and desist” letter they sent me earlier.  My first inclination was to say: “go ahead, make my day” and see if they would come after me for copyright infringement on the title of my weekly post “In Touch.” But upon further review, I decided that I would rather switch than fight.  In fact I now see it as the providence of God calling me back to my first love, evangelism, and why I went into ministry to begin with.

If you were in church on one of the most wonderful Easters ever at HRC, you heard the story of Charles Stanley and Touché.  Touché was an electrician at the Standard Gold Mine in Silverton, Colorado.  I bought his guitar for $75 so he could buy more beer.  I peeled the Grateful Dead sticker off the guitar as I headed to seminary, but I never shared with Touché my reason for grateful living in Jesus Christ. That has always haunted me.  I have always wanted to make sure that any church I lead has room to welcome the likes of Touché, and I have always seen my primary passion in ministry as reaching out and sharing the good news.

Before Andrew’s accident, I was on a sabbatical that took me back to Silverton for the first time since I left there for seminary.  It was a recall to a ministry of evangelism, or sharing good news of grateful living.  After Andrew’s accident that call became clearer, experiencing the power of the resurrection in the powerlessness of seeing your kid in a coma has made me more committed to sharing that with others.  As I experience the power of the community of the resurrection, the church, I want to live the rest of my days doing all I can to lift up that hope, so that no one lives or dies without that hope.

So today, I send out my first “Touché” which replaces my “In Touch.”  Thank you Charles Stanley for being a curmudgeon and calling me back to the place I needed to be all along.  Touché is a French word that is used in fencing when one touches the heart.  It is also a name for me of a friend who is a reminder of why we share the good news.  With Touché comes Alpha, which is an evangelism ministry that shares good news of grateful living.  All things work together for good:  lawyers, Grateful Dead stickers and Alpha.  Thanks be to God.