Touché – May 23, 2014
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Re: Mi compañero

I spent ten days with Nestor Gomez in the Dominican Republic as part of Sowers of the Kingdom.  He was Mi compañero (my roommate) and we had great conversations on Reformed theology, the Holy Spirit and everything in between.  We did a couple of pastors’ conferences together and Nestor was the featured speaker at our Evangelistic Outreach in Las Terrenes that November.  That is when I saw my roommate on fire, and it was amazing.  The outdoor stadium was packed, and Nestor preached with Pentecostal power in a way that rocked the place.

When Nestor heard about Andrew’s accident, he reached out to see if there was any way he could help.  I thought that I was to be in Michigan this week, so I asked if he would be willing to preach Memorial Day weekend.  He is coming, and I am blessed because Cathy and Andrew are coming out here next weekend, (not this weekend, a little mix up in communication).  I will be here for the Gathering service to welcome and share the service with Nestor.   I am also glad that I am here because this will be the weekend we wish Godspeed to Bruce and Ellen Pearson.  Bruce has taken a new job in South Carolina.  Bruce will introduce Nestor as one who has ministered with Sowers of the Kingdom in the Dominican Republic and we will bless Bruce, Ellen and Sam on their way as we thank them for their ministry through Hopewell.

It has also worked out well this weekend because I will be able to go to Beacon at 10:30 to preach for Steve Dambra.  He will be returning to preach at Odyssey this week as Mark will be preaching elsewhere.  It is a weekend for me to be reminded that in all things God works together for good, and reformed theology, which focuses on the providence of God, and Pentecostal theology, which focuses on the work of the Holy Spirit, comes together in a weekend that will be a blessing to many.  I am thankful for Mi compañero, and I am glad that you will meet him this weekend.  I am thankful for Beacon and I am glad that I can celebrate with them this weekend as well.  God is good.

In His Providence,